Thru Metamorphic Rocks by Tangerine Dream

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I need to listen to this stuff more often. Just heard Tangerine Dreams’ “Thru Metamorphic Rocks” remaster on Spotify. It’s from their 1979 release “Force Majeure.” If you like cool and creepy electronic-trance music, and haven’t heard this song, do it now! It is for your own good.

Very cool song, incredibly energizing and addictive. Perfect for Halloween too with howling and moaning sounds coming in later as the song builds from an enveloped sawtooth buzz. I can see almost see Edgar Froese turning knobs to control that sound, back when it was hands on manipulation of the signal.

From the gentle, fuzzy pulsing intro the song slowly gains momentum, building and driving with an unique rhythm. Already sinister from the start Thru Metamorphic Rocks grows even more sinister as it progresses, featuring decidedly spooky moans and cries, and eventually a howling werewolf. Sounds to me like maybe we’re hearing a guy in the process of transformation.

No key change, no bridge or chorus, just beautiful music and sounds filling my brain. This kind of music can really help one focus. If you’re a complete ADD creative type like me and have trouble focusing for long periods of time, put some of this in your headphones and see what happens.

Whatever I do for Halloween this track will be a part of it. Check out Thru Metamorphic Rocks

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