Rogue Element – Premonition

Rogue Element Premonition

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Rogue Element - Premonition album coverBeing in the Berlin School style of music, Premonition is very reminiscent of some early work by Tangerine Dream though Rogue Element, with synth genius Brendan Pollard have a flavor all their own. The pulsing rhythmic synths and winding melodies are the elements that remind me most of Tangerine Dream. But there are other aspects of this music and the arrangements that bring Premonition a uniqueness unto itself.

Strange unintelligible voices surge in here and there, distorted, strange, sometimes repeating rhythmically. Other percussive elements bounce in subtly and echo out again into the landscape of sound.

A very enjoyable audio trip for any lover of strange ambient and electronic music. The album consists of 4 tracks with a total running time of just over an hour. In this day and age it’s too easy to just bring up Youtube and listen to the music. If you are an avid ambient listener I urge you to purchase the full digital album and support the artist.

Listen to samples and download the full Premonition digital album at Brendan Pollard’s page on Bandcamp.

For a full length example listen to Beyond Cerberus in this Youtube video:

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