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Timeless Tales of Yesternever Vol 2 cover art. Copyright 2016 by Drew Vics.

If you’re into general ambient or dark ambient music you might dig this. After more than a year working with these compositions I have finally wrapped up the project and it is available for download at all major download stores and most streaming outlets. You can grab a link below to your preferred store or stream.

Timeless Tales of Yesternever Vol 2 cover art. Copyright 2016 by Drew Vics.Timeless Tales of Yesternever, Vol 2 is my second experimental, instrumental release, following the more techno/dance sounding Timeless Tales of Yesternever, Vol 1 which was released at the beginning of 2016.

Volume 2 is much slower paced and strange, with long spacey ambient tracks and some with a more horror movie soundtrack vibe. You may find it reminiscent of Tangerine Dream, Rogue Element and Charlie Clouser. One recent listener said, “Wow, pretty cool. Reminds me of OLD Pink Floyd…..’Careful with that axe, Eugene….'” I’m not sure which track inspired his thought but we all hear music in our own way, and that’s the beauty of it. These strange, drifting tones and sounds will take you on your own personal journey, one that no one else can share.

90% of the sounds were created on electric guitar through various effects, stretched, flipped and twisted, with the addition of some bass synth, bass guitar, vocal sounds and real world sounds like the big springs on my old garage door, garbage cans, silverware, natural ambience, etc.

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Timeless Tales of Yesternever, Vol 2 is my first real exploration of ambient music and sound art. If you like tuning out with creepy, spooky music you should dig it. It would make an interesting and sinister musical backdrop for a Halloween party too.

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