Joe Walsh – Inner Tube

Joe Walsh - But Seriously Folks

I was raking the yard the other day and got a song running through my head. It was Inner Tube by the awesome Mr. Joe Walsh. I’ve always been a fan of his stuff. His music seems simple and fun at times but there is a lot of touching and cool elements to it, lyrically and musically. And always great guitar stuff.

Inner Tube is different though, and I think appropriate for a post on Cool Creepy Music, even though it’s not really creepy. It is cool, and I would consider it sound art.

One listen to the song and you’ll kinda know why it was named Inner Tube. It is featured on his album “But Seriously Folks,” released in 1978. Inner Tube is a slower moving, sticky and springy sounding song. Serpentine in the way it winds around the main rubbery riff with layered strings and piano. To me it’s strangely beautiful, but at the same time weird and funny. Worth a listen by anyone interested in ambient music and interesting instrumentals.

Eagles bandmates Don Henley, Don Felder and Glen Frey appear on the album as well. Felder lending guitar and steel guitar as well as backing vocals, and Henley and Frey lending backing vocals. But Seriously Folks is a nicely produced recording, and you’ll recognize the major hit, “Life’s Been Good” from the track list too, which includes other great tracks:

But Seriously Folks Track Listing:

  1. Over and Over
  2. Second Hand Store
  3. Indian Summer
  4. At the Station
  5. Tomorrow
  6. Inner Tube
  7. Theme From Boat Weirdos
  8. Life’s Been Good

The album rings sentimental, speaking to youth, childhood, and memories. One of my favorite albums to this day.

I see that there is also a limited edition 24k Gold CD in pre-order at Amazon now. But Seriously Folks is also available on CD and Limited Edition Vinyl

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