MonsterPulse Free Halloween Music Loop

Had to post this, it sounds great, and it’s clever. Plus you can download it free, what’s better? MonsterPulse blended this creepy ambient soundscape from various sources around the internet. It’s is intriguing and useful. Give it a listen.

To me the sobbing youth is not that affective and sounds a little corny, but to their credit, MonsterPulse didn’t create the sounds, just mixed them. The rest is excellent, and hey, it’s free to download. Loop it for your next party or Haunted House. The accompanying imagery is cool too. Enjoy…

That was weird, I started playing this again and watching the pics and I heard bumping noises somewhere in the house… Creep me out.

Found this one after the first. Some good effects and in this one. The detuned keyboard part is weird, and the laughing fiend dude is a little loud, other than that it’s pretty cool. Props to MonsterPulse. nice job.

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