Edgar Froese

Edgar Froese

In my last post I quiped [Extracting head from sand] and, no joke, now I realize I need to really lift my head up and look around or I might just miss out on some important shit going on in the world of synth and soundtrack music — to wit: while researching the Stranger Things Soundrack just now I stumbled on the sad fact that Edgar Froese has passed away.

I learned that Tangerine Dream had done a live cover of the Stranger Things theme song and while I was watching the video I was looking around for Edgar. No Edgar. Instead two other people were performing there on stage. They guy I was able to identify as Thorsten Quaeschning who began working with Froese in 2005. The other artist seen standing behind a computer rack was probably Hoshiko Yamane, a violinist who has worked with Tangerine Dream since 2011.

I am happy to see the group name continue with more intriguing music to come, and I’ll be listening to their newer material, but it is sad to close the chapter on an era that featured such an influential synth composer like Edgar Froese.

I recall as a young developing musician seeing photos of him and other members of the group sitting amid racks of synth modules, keyboards and other studio gear. How absolutely cool they all looked. Especially Froese. He always had a look in his eye that belied the true intellectual, creative genius within.

He is quoted as saying, “there is no death, there is just a change of our cosmic address.” If that is true I hope he’s creating even more amazing musical experiences in his new digs.

Rest in Pease Mr. Froese. And thank you for the incredible music. We will keep on listening.

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