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Saw Soundtrack Album

Holy crap, it got really dusty around here that time. Been so busy with other projects and life in general that this site took a bit of a back seat. Sorry ’bout that.

During my various house projects I like to shuffle my iTunes library and just let it play. I heard a song that caught my attention and had to play the whole album. The song was “Reverse Beartrap” composed by Charlie Clouser, and found on the SAW Motion Picture Soundtrack along with other great industrial atmospheric pieces by Clouser, and five other hardcore metal and industrial tracks from Frontline Assembly, Fear Factory, Enemy, Pitbull Daycare and Psycho Pomps.

As a keyboardist, music programmer and producer Clouser has worked with Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson, Rob Zombie, White Zombie and other bands. As a composer he has created music for many films, including the complete Saw series of films, Natural Born Killers, Underworld, The Crow: Salvation, Collateral, Valkyrie, The Matrix Reloaded and a bunch more.

Very cool sounds, very talented musician and composer. Love it. Check out the SAW Soundtrack at, find other Soundtracks that features Charlie Clouser.

Check out Wikipedia for tons of into on Clouser

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