Cool Ambient Music by Clem Leek

Clem Leek - Holly Lane CD

I stumbled upon some intriguing music by Clem Leekwhile listening to Radio on my Apple TV. They have some really cool sounding ambient stuff on that station. I recommend you put that on for some cool creepy chill out music.

The first track I heard was Cliff Castle from his CD Holly Lane. I found him on iTunes and started listening to some more. Great stuff. Soft pulsing synths, long winding strings, jittering, skittering, fluttering and strange beautiful sounds and creative sound effects. Some of his work is haunting and spooky sounding, some dramatic and light. Nice clean piano, as in Rain Song. I like it. Well worth the download for me!

You can find Clem Leek on iTunes or

Other work by Clem Leek, Lifenotesand Through The Annular:

You can find Clem Leek on Spotify too:

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