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I was introduced to ambient music at an early age. My cousin, who was working for Paramount Pictures at the time, gave me the soundtrack album for Sorcerer which was composed by the electronic music group Tangerine Dream. They had a hugely influential sound. The songs took me on a journey. They engaged my young imagination.

My love for this genre of sound and music grows stronger every year. I listen to ambient music while writing or creating my artwork. The music helps me focus, preoccupying the flighty part of my brain while the more deliberate creative and technical parts can do some real work.

As a musician I enjoy creating ambient music because it is a way for that roving part of my brain to actually participate in creating something of value and working together with those other more focused parts.

I enjoy the art of sound in making this kind of music. Using mostly my electric guitar, either distorted, delayed or clean, I record melodies and sounds, then transform them with various filters and ring modulator effects, sometimes reversing the sample. The result is often purely ambient, devoid of a structured rhythm, but sometimes I arrange the parts in a rhythmic way to hold down a specific feel or mood.

Finding serendipitous moments and then controlling those moments is to me a form of painting with the colors of sound. Ears are the canvas.

I am currently finishing up work on my first collection of ambient music, so stay tuned here for release information.

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